Feeding Your Pet A Raw Diet

Are you thinking about switching your pet to a raw diet? We feel that a “raw” or “biologically appropriate raw food diet” is an extremely beneficial way of feeding our pets as the design of their teeth and digestive system will show. Their digestive system is very short and acidic ready to take on any bacteria that may be present in the food and their teeth are designed to tear meat and chew on raw bones. A Swedish study has shown that it takes 4 hours to digest raw food and up to 16 hours to digest kibble. The reason for speedy digestion is the body very easily absorbs the multitude of nutrients present in raw food, and enzymes, which break down food, have not been destroyed in the cooking process.

A raw diet involves feeding meat, bone, organ meat, veggies, fruit (optional) and supplements in proper proportion. We carry a wide variety of prepared raw meat diets in the stores. They come in many shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Some are made up of just meat and bone and you would add organ meat, veggies and any supplements. Some are made up of meat, bone and organs and you would add veggies and any supplements and some have everything in them including supplements. We recommend feeding a wide variety of meats.

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General guideline of raw feeding:

  • 80% raw meaty bones (meat with ground bone)
  • 10-15% pulped or juiced vegetables (not night shade veggies e.g. peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchinis, onions, etc) and some fruit or grass fed tripe
  • 5-10% organ meat
  • Any additional supplements (eg: omega fatty acids)

Source: Volhard, Wendy and Kerry Brown DVM. Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog. Howell book House, CA. 2000.