Natural Cat Litters

Welcome to the wonderful world of natural cat litters. Many people who feed their cats a wonderfully, healthy diet are still purchasing clay based litters. I would like to describe the differences, and introduce you to a few of the most popular brands.

One of the major reasons to purchase natural litters is that they are planet friendly. They are not composed of artificial ingredients, they are not mined or drilled, and they biodegrade.

The other important reason to choose natural litters over clay litters is that the silica dust contained in clay-based litters is unhealthy for you and your cat to inhale. Clay based litters also have a negative impact on the environment in their manufacturing processes, and in their disposal.

All of the cat litters available at Tail Blazers are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, free of chemicals, synthetic scents, silica, clay, and are low/no dust.

World’s Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat LitterWorld’s Best – World’s Best cat litter is made of a natural, renewable resource – CORN!

World’s Best has outstanding odor control, is easy scooping and quick clumping, is long lasting, and is safe for the planet, your pets, and yourself! It is also free from irritating synthetic chemicals and perfumes.

World’s Best Clumping litter is available in Multiple Cat, Naturally Scented, and Original.

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Guardian Angel Litter

guardian-angelGuardian Angel – Guardian’s 100% pine cobble is a precision screened fiber that, like our pellets, is high heat treated in a process that heats the wood fiber to levels of pasteurization. Oils in the wood are removed to reduce allergens and contaminants.

Guardian Angel does not clump as tightly as other clumping litters, however it cakes and congeals so that the wet spots can be easily removed. However, the affordability of this litter more than makes up for what it lacks in clumping ability.

Available in Pine Cobble and Pine Pellets.

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Feline Fresh Cat Litter

Feline Fresh Cat LitterFeline Fresh – Feline Fresh natural pine litter is clumpable, flushable, and has a nice mild pine scent. Made out of southern yellow pine it is non-toxic (even if ingested), it is safe for you and your pets.

Available in clumping and original pine pellet.

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Swheat Scoop Cat Litter

Swheat Scoop Cat LitterSwheat Scoop – Unlike most clumping litters, Swheat Scoop contains no silica dust, sodium bentonite or chemicals of any kind. It is also 100% biodegradable and made from a renewable resource – WHEAT!

This unique litter contains natural wheat enzymes that destroy litter box odours.

Available in Multi-Cat, Lightly Scented, and Original formula.

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Not all products are available at all locations. Please call your location to be sure!