The Truth About Corn, Wheat and Soy in Pet Food

Did you know that Tail Blazers does not sell food that contains soy, corn, or wheat? There are actually several ingredients we don’t allow into our food choices, but do you know WHY?

No Corn, Wheat, Soy Pet FoodThe first, and most important reason, is that soy, corn, and wheat are not species appropriate and are not meant to be consumed by cats or dogs.

Soy is one of the most genetically modified foods on the planet. While their crops are covered in pesticides, everything dies, except for the soy. It is left to absorb all of those chemicals that were sprayed onto the crops. And, if it’s in the soy – it will go into your pet.

Soy also wreaks havoc with the endocrine system causing problems for thyroid function. Soy has been falsely advertised as a health food, but in our opinion, it is most definitely NOT.

Corn. It is very common to see corn at the top of many of the more inferior pet food’s ingredients panels. Corn is also more often than not, genetically modified and although many people call corn a vegetable, it is actually a grain. It also converts to sugar in the body, which has a negative affect on your pet. Sugar puts stress on the organs, and causes GI tract upset.

And finally, there is wheat. Wheat contains high amounts of gluten, which damages the small intestine, alters gut flora, and can lead to autoimmune disease. It can also cause inflammation leading to joint pain. There is little to no nutritional value in wheat, so we feel it has no place in your pet’s diet.

If your pet struggles with food sensitivities, allergies and/or digestive issues, it may be a good idea to try eliminating the following from their diet:

Soy, corn, wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, sugar in all forms, and peanuts which can contain trace amounts of a carcinogenic mold.

Although not all of our foods are gluten, egg, or dairy free, we have several selections that are, and in this case the raw food diet is an excellent option!

Your pet will always have the best shot at health and vitality the fewer species inappropriate ingredients that are in their diet. We are lucky to have MANY diet options to choose from that are soy, corn, and wheat free! At Tail Blazers, you can rest assured that you will not find these three “bad guys” in any of our foods.

For more information on pet food ingredients, please visit our website at and look for our ingredient dictionary. Or, if you have an iApple device, you can download the dictionary in a FREE app for your device!