Leaky Gut Symptoms – Part 2

As a result of Leaky gut syndrome (for more information on WHAT leaky gut is, read Part 1 on our blog), CJ Puotinen explains, “the liver and kidneys, the body’s main filters, become overwhelmed, and toxins spill over into the bloodstream, which carries bacteria, toxins, and partially digested food particles to muscles and connective tissue throughout the body”…..this makes for a serious state of ill health and disease in the body. From this perspective, and with this knowledge, it is easy to see how so many varying and vast amounts of ailments and conditions can be the result.

Leaky Gut Syndrome has been referred to as the “great mimicker” appearing in the form of MANY chronic diseases/illnesses. In addition to gas, bloating and diarrhea; skin diseases, allergies, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic cystitis (kidney/urinary), arthritis, liver, gall bladder and pancreas diseases, diabetes, behavior problems, including aggression, obsessive compulsive disorder and self mutilation. Over the years we have seen many dogs that chronically harm themselves self by obsessively biting, scratching, and licking themselves. It is my feeling that knowledge about Leaky Gut and what is going on in the body as a result, sheds some light on this previous mystery (of course emotional factors can be a cause too).

Many times, with a change of diet, we have seen many of the above symptoms disappear, and then appear again. Julie Ann Lee says, “a recurring ear infection may clear up then the dog suffers from disorders like hot spots, full blown allergies or hypothyroidism.” The reason for this is that the root of the illness needs to be healed before the body can be completely healed.

The bacteria in the intestinal tract need to be rebalanced/re-populated and inflammation needs to be reduced. The environment needs to be cleaned up. The root cause needs to be repaired. Leakage, damage, and inflammation all need to be eliminated so that the body can heal and rebalance.

Julie Ann Lee says, “your dog’s gut is responsible for more than 70% of their immune system and is directly responsible for digesting all of that amazing food that you are feeding. With an unhealthy gut no amount of raw food or nutrients will support her health and longevity, let alone heal something like an allergy.”

Though leaky gut can be difficult to pinpoint due to its many possible symptoms, it is possible to help! Stay tuned for more on supplements and foods to support and address Leaky Gut Syndrome in part 3 in our next newsletter.

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