Cancer in Pets

Tail Blazers was created 17 years ago because we felt that there was a large need to address the preventable, diet-related health issues that dogs and cats were facing. Thanks to the many pet guardians that were willing to learn and ready to embrace change, so many of our domestic companions are now eating and thriving on species appropriate diets!

Unfortunately, two of the most common ailments that continue to prompt pet guardians to visit Tail Blazers are still running rampant through our pet population. Cancer and allergies. Cancer and allergies are still responsible for far too many visits to the vet and all too much pain and suffering for both our pets, and their human companions. Although we do have many success stories, we still have many people to reach.

In this article I would like to address cancer. It may be shocking to believe now, but in the 80’s there were very few doctors that believed diet had any impact at all on cancer. Today there has been wide-spread success of TV shows like Dr. Oz that cover in detail the role that food and lifestyle play in helping to prevent cancer and other diseases.

So what causes cancer? Many things contribute to cancer cells forming. Similarities have been found between cancer and the process of ageing. All of the cells in the body reproduce new cells and the intervals at which they reproduce can vary from minutes to years. If the cells in the body were properly cared for and were healthy cells, they will reproduce new healthy cells. However, if those cells were unhealthy they would reproduce new unhealthy, problematic cells. These errors in replication contribute to the progression of the ageing process and are the first stages of cancer.

This process is a normal process that all people and pets experience. Science has proven that many things can increase the likelihood of replication errors. Some factors include sugar, toxins, radiation, and congenital defects. As we age, there is an increase in replication errors. This increase in errors can be likened to photocopying the same piece of paper over and over again. If you have a high quality copier (for our pets, a body fed a good diet and live in a chemical-free environment) you will get many, high quality copies and years out of your copier. If you have a cheap copier (for our pets, a body fed lots of poor quality pet food and sugars and live in an environment full of toxins and chemicals) you will likely have fewer, low quality copies.

One of the important roles of the immune system is to identify errors in replication and eliminate them. If the immune system is impaired then the errors get reproduced and can eventually lead to cancer. So, the most important thing we can do to prevent cancer is to provide the body with the best possible environment for healthy cell replication by giving the immune system the full support it needs.

Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery do nothing to prevent the cancer from occurring. They just kill the cancer, and unfortunately many other cells as well. And if there are little or no changes to the environment in the body, most cancers will return.

For our pets, we feel there are three primary contributing factors or causes for a potential problematic physical environment within the body. Those are the food that is consumed, sugars and low quality carbohydrates, their physical environment and genetics. The food that we feel our pets is the biggest, most important aspect in cancer prevention. It is unfortunate, but the only way these “cancer causing” diets will go away is if consumers refuse to purchase them and instead purchase higher quality, healthier diets. Consumers supporting the foods we carry have created a great deal of change in the last 17 years, for which we are truly grateful.

Sugar and certain low quality, indigestible carbohydrates are two very problematic things that are ingested. Corn is an example of a “filler” ingredient commonly seen in lower quality foods that is very high on the glucose index. It can often contain a toxic mould for dogs. Dogs and cats were not designed to eat these ingredients, and when they do it has an even more significant impact on them, than it does on humans. The immune system can become extremely compromised when exposed to sugars and some carbs. And they can actually “feed” cancer. There are many scientific studies that link sugars to cancer and therefore they should be eliminated from the diet of any pet suffering from cancer.

Purina’s top of the line “Pro Plan Selects” is just one example of so many sub-standard foods that would barely make it on the market if healthy diets were our benchmark.

The most important decision you will make to prevent cancer in your pet is the food you choose. Please be careful to also be mindful of the treats you choose. Soft treats can contain sugars that act as binders and create that soft texture your pet loves. These sugars can also fall under many names, such as corn syrup. 

Dark green and orange vegetables, kale, spinach, broccoli, squash, kelp, sea algae, etc, are all good examples of foods that help prevent cancer. This is a great example of why At Tail Blazers we frequently recommend a raw food diet. Not only do they have little or no ingredients that contribute to cancer, but they also contain ingredients that help reduce the risk of cancer. 

Third, is the environment in which your pet lives. Household items that we use everyday like cleansers, scented candles, deodorizing sprays, carpet cleaners, etc, on their own are not enough to cause a problem, but when they are all bundled together they can expose our pets to more chemicals than their bodies can handle. This causes their bodies to have to work so much harder to get rid of them; this can increase the aging process. 

Genetics contribute to your pet’s likelihood of developing cancer. For example, black dogs are more prone to cancer, and it also runs in families. Since this is an area most of us have little control over, it highlights the importance of making significant changes to the areas you can control as mentioned above. 

In conclusion, remember to choose low carbohydrate foods and treats that contain no added sugar or toxic fillers or preservatives. Ensure that the food you choose contains high quality protein and fat sources such as meat – and ideally they would also contain green veggies and blue and/or orange coloured fruits. Please be sure your household cleaners and yard products are environmentally safe. If your pet already has cancer, or has had cancer, the above recommendations are of the utmost importance. A raw food diet is HIGHLY recommended as from a diet perspective it gives the immune system the best chance. 

There are also some wonderful supplements available that give the immune system the nutrients it needs to be alert and responsive not only to cancer cells, but also to the first stages of cell reproduction that are flawed. 


Essiac For Pets (Essiac) – Slippery Elm, Burdock Root, Turkish Rubarb and Sheep Sorrell in combination help to purge toxic build up and waste from the body, cleanses the blood, promotes cell repair and aids in effective assimilation and elimination. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, which help nourish and strengthen the individual cells. Immuno Boost from NaturPet contains the same ingredients.

Cell Care (NaturPet) -ccontains a herb called Pau’ D’arco used for degenerative diseases, cancer, tumors, cysts and has strong anti-fungal properties.

Ubiquinol for Pets (Mercola)– ubiquinol is the reduced form of Co- enzyme Q 10 (CoQ10 is naturally produced in the liver). Dr. Karen Becker recommends it for every one of her pet patients. It is a very powerful antioxidant (protecting cells, tissues and organs against oxidative stress), It is for any pet that needs additional cardiovascular support, it helps to make energy for almost every cell in the body, it helps to reduce the normal signs of aging in the body, it supports brain and nervous system function, supports immune function, helps to slow organ degeneration, and helps to prevent plaque buildup. It is tasteless, and you can spray it right on the pet’s food.

Healthy Pet Matrix (Canine Matrix)– Canine Matrix is a wellness company that grows medicinal mushrooms in Carlsbad, California (12 varieties). All of the varieties are immune enhancing and support natural energy and recovery, but each of the species had its own benefits. Healthy pet Matrix is a blend of mushrooms that provides powerful antioxidants and vitamins for optimal immune health. Great for cardiovascular and respiratory health. Contains prebiotics and digestive enzymes that support a healthy gut. 

PHYTO C with IP6 (AOR) – The cancer-fighting agent in this formula is the IP6. 1. IP6 – IP6 is a powerful antioxidant that can be found in high fibre foods like whole grains. Here is a testimonial from a store about one of their clients: “One of our customers golden lab was diagnosed with cancer.  The tumour was removed and she was on chemo but after chemo she put her girl on IP6 daily.  A year later another tumour was found and removed. It was so cool ….. The vet said the tumour was malignant BUT was encapsulated by such a thick scar tissue that it was no threat to the dog.” Yay IP6! Contains “killer” cells that go after the cancer. 

Cranimals Very Berry (Cranimals) – Cranimals is made from certified organic blueberries, cranberries, and red raspberries. The polyphenols in these berries have anti-carcinogenic, anti- anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. Anthocyanidins found in cranberries and blueberries naturally support urinary tract and oral health in companion animals. Red raspberries are particularly enriched in ellagitannins, compounds demonstrated to destroy various cancer cells, delivers a synergistic combination of antioxidants to help mop up harmful oxidants called free radicals which damage cells, tissues and arteries, leading to chronic disease.

The above supplements (available at participating Tail Blazers locations) are some of the best out there and there are so many other natural measures that can be taken to help the body eliminate cancer. Even if you choose to do surgery, chemo, or radiation it is important to remember that you have to take measures to ensure that the cancer does not come back. 

Please help Tail Blazers in our mission to educate pet guardians on how to prevent cancer. Please pass this on to all the pet lovers in your life and perhaps we can help prevent a few more pets from developing this horrible disease… 

The information in this article should in no way replace medical advice from a qualified Veterinarian.