Private Label Pet Food: Why Tail Blazers Does Not Have Any

We frequently get asked why we do not create our own, “in store” or “private label” brand of dry or raw pet food. Private labeling is becoming more commonplace in pet food stores/chains. Private labeling is the process by which a pet food store or chain contracts a pet food or accessories manufacturer to formulate and manufacture an exclusive line of products – food, treats, toys, etc. for that store or chain. These brands are sold exclusively in that store or chain of stores.

Tail Blazers has made the decision to never private label for the following reasons:

Since 2000 we have developed close and important relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers. Those that have the same goals and stringent requirements that we do, which is creating and maintaining superior health for your pets! These relationships are extremely important to us. We have grown together in what was a VERY new concept in those early years, in creating a “health food store for pets.”

Tail Blazers is known for sourcing, researching and supplying only the highest quality raw, freeze-dried, dehydrated, canned and kibble brands. Every single ingredient is investigated for quality and source.

Pets have such varied needs. We see pets daily with so many health concerns. Our goal is to find the perfect food for your pets. We do this by knowing our foods and options and can present the perfect option based on that, not on a favorite company or a private label brand. The companies that we source from are the experts in their formulations. This allows us to customize a nutritional plan for your pet. Private labeling only allows limited customization.

It is our opinion that pet food stores with private label brand foods are less likely to consult with you. Their focus will always lean toward the private label brand and higher margins.

If your store recommends a food, ask them two things:
1. Ask if the food is their private label brand or their exclusive brand
2. Ask why they have recommended the food that they have recommended

Does the recommended food meet your pet’s health needs? This is the most important question.

This industry has been growing, changing and expanding rapidly and exponentially. As a result, many are looking for ways to make more profit and to get the “upper hand”, so to speak. Private labeling allows stores to make higher profits, as they are the direct licensee of the brand. They do not have to purchase through a distributor or compete against other resellers.

At Tail Blazers, we put your pet’s unique needs first and foremost, and we always will!

By Andrew Outinen (co-owner of Tail Blazers Etobicoke and Tail Blazers Heartland) and Tamara Low (co-founder of Tail Blazers)