Part 3 of 3
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In the previous two blogs, I have explained a bit about how Tail Blazers came to be, and our motivation and mission behind creating a health food store for dogs and cats. Now to analyze the question, “what makes Tail Blazers unique in the pet industry and what sets us apart from the rest?”

We are 100% completely and totally committed to providing THE healthiest, cleanest selection of food, treats and supplements available…this is what you can expect when you walk into a Tail Blazers store. Many pet food stores might offer healthy options, yet these options are interspersed amongst foods that contain harmful, toxic and unhealthy ingredients. This might be confusing to the consumer! It seems as though that philosophy conveys that “we strive to be and provide everything to everyone”. At Tail Blazers, we strive to put your pets’ health and well-being, on all levels, first and only.

I have spoken about diet quite a bit in the previous two blogs. In addition to diet, a large focus for us is on pet supplementation. I would define supplementation as using herbs, plants, and other components from nature/the earth that are safe, non- toxic and non- harmful. Using diet and supplements combined is a very powerful tool, one that is not always utilized and understood by others in the industry.

A lot of time is spent carefully choosing and researching these wonderful products and on the store owners and staff learning about them to be able to assist you and your pets. As mentioned previously, our background was in the human health food industry. We have a long track record and much experience with these products and how to assist your pet with their varied and specific needs.

On a daily basis store owners interact with customers who have pets with all kinds of conditions and ailments. Just as people can explore diet and natural things for certain conditions and ailments at people health food stores, that is what we can provide for your pet. Supplementation and healthy, species appropriate food can help with a variety of conditions or ailments, such as arthritis, anxiety, digestive issues and leaky gut, just to name a small few. On that note, we never claim to be veterinarians.

We created Tail Blazers with a very specific vision and intention from scratch. We copied or followed no one. It is our own creation. We stepped out into the unknown, a “trail blazer”, we took a risk because we deeply believed in what we were doing. In 2000, it was a risk. At that time, what we were doing or saying was anything but mainstream and popular! It was quite the opposite. As with anything that is embraced and becomes more mainstream, others are going to want to be a part of it too. There are now stores on the scene spreading a message that resembles ours. This is great for pets, as in many places across Canada healthy pet food selections are so much easier to access.

Sometimes the appearances of our stores and another may look similar on the surface, but who we are and what we do, our knowledge, commitment and dedication, is what makes us your first, TRUE and authentic Health Food Store for Pets. Thank you so sincerely for embracing our mission all of these years, and for trusting us and allowing us to assist and support you!


by Tamara Low
Co-founder of Tail Blazers