What Are Pet Food Toppers & Why Use Them?

Pet food toppers are additional foods that you can add to your pet’s bowl to increase palatability, health and variety. Pet food toppers can be a valuable tool for digestion and weight loss and can offer many other advantages, such as aiding with hydration, regulating diarrhea and constipation and adding nutrients to the diet. Besides the endless health benefits, they can bring a little surprise and delicious variation to your pet’s meals! 

Toppers do not have to be expensive or complicated. However, don’t forget each dog and cat is different, and their individual needs may change.  

#1 – Toppers Found in the Kitchen

Easy to add toppers from around the kitchen include apple cider vinegar, which can be used as a digestive aid, yogurt, which contain probiotics for gut health, as well as fruit and vegetables such as bananas, zucchini and apples. Here is an article that focuses on which veggies to use most, which to use in moderation and which to avoid. Puree vegetables to help your dog more easily digest them!

Other kitchen toppers can include coconut oil for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties or pumpkin which is perfect for helping with upset tummies and supporting the digestive system. Even raw chicken eggs or raw quail eggs can be a great addition a few times a week! 

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