Pet First Aid Kit – A Guide to the Essentials

With the country re-opening and the weather turning warm, we are finally out and about with our pets more frequently. Going out on adventures can lead to higher potential for injury, but packing a dog first-aid kit can help in the event of a mishap.  Here are some items to pack in a kit on your travels:

Muzzle – If you need to tend to an injured pup, a muzzle may be useful for the safety of you and your pet.

Leash / Collar – Damaged collars or leashes can happen at any time. Be prepared with an extra set!

Colloidal Silver Spray – Use this natural antiseptic externally for cuts and scrapes.

Syringes – Large plastic syringes can be used to flush wounds or give oral medication.

Tweezers – A set of stainless steel tweezers can be essential for picking out splinters or other objects lodged in the skin.

Tick Key (Tick Tool) – For easy tick removal, this little tool is handy and inexpensive. Hint: they can also be used on people.

Gauze – Pack sterile, medical gauze for use in the event of an injury. 

Scissors – Blunt end scissors are needed for cutting gauze.

Adhesive Tape – Use “vet wrap” / self adhesive tape for various injuries. It’s stretchy, breathable, doesn’t pull out hair and stays on. 

Styptic (blood stop) Powder – This product is used to quickly stop nail bleeding or bleeding from small wounds.

Adored Beast Owies & Oopsies – A soothing topical spray for dogs and cats. Perfect for healing and soothing insect bites, hot spots, burns, wounds, skin abrasions. Can soothe itch and promote healthy skin. Contains calendula, horsetail (a plant) and hypericum. *Substitution: other calendula based product for pets.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Can be used to induce vomiting for some situations. Please call an emergency vet centre / poison control for proper instructions and for when it should be administered.

Bach Rescue Remedy – This natural remedy helps to safely provide calm in the event of a stressful situation. 

Canine First Aid Book – A how to guide for emergency situations.

Other Useful Items – Old towels, latex gloves, flashlight, thermometer, collapsible water bowl and an ice/heat pack.

Put all your items in a waterproof container with a lid. 

Extra tip: Calgary Humane Society has a Canine Emergency Info Sheet that you can print and put in your first aid kit with your dog’s essential information in case you or someone else need to take your pet to an emergency clinic while away from home. You can find the download here.

Happy & safe trails!