Our Arbour Lake store (Calgary) is moving!
As of Saturday, April 18, 2009 , we will be moving down the hill to Ranchlands (next to Dairy Queen, across Nose Hill Drive from the Crowfoot Coop).

Our new address is #155 – 1829 Ranchlands Blvd NW

Click here for Google map directions.

Better parking and easy access!

In order to complete our move, we will be CLOSED from Friday, April 10th to April 17th.
Please stock up early. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

We look forward to seeing you in our new space!

Over the next few issues of 'Tail Blazer Tidbits' we will answer some common questions about feeding raw food.

Question:  Can I feed my pet raw food and kibbled food?

Answer:  Yes. The important thing is to not feed them both it in the same meal.  Kibble can take up to 16 hours to digest, where raw is about 3 to 4 hours, so mixing them is not suggested.  So if you choose to feed both, feed raw in the morning and kibble in the evening, for example.  This goes for both dogs and cats.

For more information about how a raw diet can benefit your pet, go to https://tailblazerspets.com/tailblazers_articles3.html

The Urban Carnivore, as with most of the raw foods Tail Blazers carries, is a local Canadian company. Owned and operated out of Saskatchewan, The Urban Carnivore carries a variety of high quality raw meat choices as well as supplements for your pet.

All meats used in their products are fed food that contains no harmful additives, and no antibiotics or growth hormones are given to the animals.They are raised in clean and humane conditions that follow sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The natural diet of dogs and cats is whole prey animals, and occasionally fruits and grasses. Whole prey carcasses contain mostly muscle meat but also include the organs and glands, which provide a multitude of extra nutrients. Additionally whole carcasses have bone, which is necessary not only as a source of fibre but also for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth. 

Urban Carnivore makes raw, whole carcass meat patties (which includes bone, organ meat, tissues and glands), containing exactly what a dog or cat would eat in the wild. Veggie patties or tripe (stomach and intestines) are also available and can be added separately if desired. Uncooked, whole animal patties are full of naturally occurring enzymes which makes the meat easy to digest and absorb.  Besides providing energy and longevity, this health-giving way of eating can improve skin and coat, eradicate digestive issues, improve dental health, and reduce stool, bad breathe and body odour.

The Urban Carnivore fresh frozen foods are made into convenient 8 ounce patties, that are easy to thaw and fresh to serve. Meats include beef, chicken, bison, elk, lamb, quail, rabbit and duck. Your pet’s health is only as good as the food they eat!

Source:  www.urbancarnivore.com
*not all Tail Blazers carry the same items, please contact your local Tail Blazers for availability.

For more information on raw diets, go to https://tailblazerspets.com/tailblazers_articles3.html

Innova EVO Dog Treats

EVO Baked Dog Treats are grain-free and made to complement the feeding of EVO Dog Food and/or a raw diet by supplying a similar high protein and low carbohydrate level, plus a balanced nutritional profile for keeping your dog fit. No empty calories or artificial flavours are found in EVO treats! Only the highest quality turkey and chicken, including the tissue, cartilage, fat, bone and connective tissue, backs and wings are used. Whole fruit and vegetables are added to supply important, health promoting nutrients that dogs would find if they were foraging for food. Delicous and healthy!

Source: www.naturapet.com
*not all Tail Blazers carry the same items, please contact your local Tail Blazers for availability.

Innova Cat Treats

Healthful, wholesome nutrition never tasted so good! With a flavour that cats love, Innova Cat Treats are a nutritious reward. The treats include wholesome and nutritious ingredients, incorporating turkey and chicken, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit along with whole ground grains.  Innova Cat Treats are carefully prepared to ensure a more uniform and evenly cooked treat. This gentle processing protects heat-sensitive nutrients and maximizes the intensity of the turkey and chicken flavours. They are preserved with vitamin E and are rich in healthy essential fats.

Source: www.naturapet.com
*not all Tail Blazers carry the same items, please contact your local Tail Blazers for availability.

It is common for dogs to have infrequent bouts of diarrhea and constipation stemming from numerous causes (both known and unknown). Canned pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling!) can be beneficial for helping with occasional diarrhea or constipation.

For constipation it can help soften the stool. For diarrhea, pumpkin’s high fibre content can help absorb water, reducing diarrhea and helping firm up the stool. Pumpkin puree often works very quickly, is all natural and has no side effects. Tail Blazers carries various products, including pumpkin puree, to help combat diarrhea and constipation.

Have a question about digestive problems or want to learn more? Stop by any of our stores, we are here to help!

*Please note, diarrhea and constipation can be signs of serious illness.  Please consult with your pet health care provider to help determine the cause. *Not all Tail Blazers carry the same items, please contact your local Tail Blazers for availability.

Ever wonder why your cat kneads? Kneading is an activity common to all domestic cats, done when in a state of contentment. They alternatively push out and pull in their front paws, alternating between right and left limbs in a marching type action. The cat exerts firm downwards pressure with its paw, opening its toes to expose its claws, then closes its claws as it lifts its paw.  Often they purr while doing this. 

Soft surfaces such as blankets, beds or your lap (ouch!) are favourite kneading places. There are several theories as to why cats do this.  One is that it is a comfort behaviour, learned as kittens.  Kittens often use similar action to stimulate milk flow from their mothers’ breasts. The other theory is that it is an instinctive thing to do to make a “nest” or somewhere warm to lay. One thing is for sure, if your cat is kneading, he or she is happy!

The City of Calgary is conducting an online survey to help facilitate changes to off leash dog park s throughout the city.  Have your say, click here to go to the City of Calgary website survey.

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