I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support over the last 8 and a half years. We started out as a small store in Inglewood with a mission of bringing health and vitality back to the animals that share our lives. And with your help we have grown to 13 stores and have heard many wonderful stories of success. Another fact we are proud of is that none of our foods were effected by the 2007 food recall. Some of our customers now own Tail Blazers stores and a few others have opened stores of their own.

With the successes we have had with raw food, we have seen more veterinarians embrace it as an option, as well as some of our competitive stores that were opposed, have now added it to their inventory. We have also seen dry food companies try to mimic raw food. Five good food options that could hardly fill a store when we first opened, have grown to 30 or more choices for people. From raw to dry to canned the selection is amazing, and it is all because of you. You have spread the news to many of our new Ballooncustomers, so for that I say thank you and please keep it up. We have improved many companion animalís lives, but there are still more that we need to reach.

They give us so much; they all deserve the best we can give. So please share this e-mail with all of your contacts that have companion animals. This past US election showed the power of the internet and the individual! So we want to say thank you on Saturday, April 25th with a customer appreciation day where you get 10% off all regularly priced items.

We also want to announce we are adding a page on our website to showcase animals looking for new homes. And for the month of May we will donate 1 % of all of our sales to local pet related charities.

Thank you for the changes you have made and letís keep making a difference.

Brent Hauberg
Founder and President of Tail Blazers†
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There are many cat litters available on the market, but Tail Blazers only carries a few select ones. There is a reason we have chosen only those particular litters!

Most litters on the market are made of clay, otherwise known as sodium bentonite. Sodium bentonite expands when wet, as it can absorb several times its dry weight in water. Because cats clean themselves frequently, licking all that clay off their feet may cause the clay to become impacted in their bowel, leading to serious blockages, and even death. Kittens are Kittyespecially at risk when they first start learning to use the litterbox. Additionally, many litters have synthetic perfumes added, giving your cat a dose of harmful chemicals each time they use the bathroom. Many even have bronopol, a chemical that kills bacteria, that when ingested, may turn into toxic nitrosamines.

Other issues are: silica dust is created when cats scratch in the clay, harming a catís lungs and increasing the risk of respiratory issues and when clay litter is produced, strip mining causing environmental damage may occur.

The Solution

Tail Blazers carries only litter that will not only be safe for your catís health, but also friendly for the environment. One of the litters we have is Scoopable Feline Fresh. This litter is made with all natural pine. Pine naturally helps kill feline freshodour causing bacteria and no perfumes, chemicals or harmful additives are to this litter, just pure pine. It is clumping, dust free, scoopable, flushable and biodegradable.

Be sure to read our next newsletter for information on more healthy cat litters and for tips about how to switch your cat to a new litter.
DogWe continue to answer some common questions about feeding raw food.

Question: How is ďfeeding rawĒ different than just buying meat from the grocery store?

Answer: Feeding a proper raw diet is not just raw meat. Raw diets for dogs and cats are made up of meat, bone, organ meats, vegetables, and supplements. All of these elements are needed in proper proportions to ensure your pet maintains their health. Additionally, most raw diets that Tail Blazers has are made from hormone and anti-biotic free meats, a bonus that is not found with standard grocery store meat.

More questions about raw diets?

Stop in and visit with one of our knowledgeable staff members. For more information about why a raw diet is so healthy, go to www.tailblazerspets.com/tailblazers_articles3.html
Raw necks and backs are very healthy food to give your pet (assuming no allergies to chicken or turkey)! Turkey and chicken necks are a soft, edible cartilage when they are raw. Chicken backs contain more bone and are therefore a bit harder to chew than necks. Necks and backs both tend to take a few minutes to eat and they can be fed frozen to last even longer. Chicken necks are good for dogs as well as cats. For larger dogs, turkey necks are substantially larger and may be a better choice.

Benefits include:
-They provide extra fibre, making them excellent for preventing or reducing anal gland problems.
-Good for cleaning teeth and strengthening the jaw (cats need that too!)
-Necks and backs can be used as a meal, and included in daily food totals
-Because they are not cooked, they are full of beneficial enzymes to help with digestion. -Easy to feed and incorporate into a diet
-Provides extra calcium and protein
-Cost effective
-Our necks and backs are from Chicken Neckshormone and antibiotic-free meat
-and pets LOVE them!

Stop by your local store to find our more information or to see how your pet would benefit from necks or backs and how to incorporate it into their diet!

Giardia is a common parasite, especially in the spring, and symptoms are characterized by a loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, gas, bloating and weight loss. The most common means of infestation comes from ingestion of water that has been infected by an organism in the fecal matter of fish and other animals (such as puddles). Animals tend to be more resistant to it than humans are and the severity of the infestation depends on the overall health of the host! Symptoms manifest after 7-10 days after ingestion. It can also occur from contaminated food. The organism infects the lining of the digestive tract and can invade the liver. Mal-absorption of nutrients occurs when the parasites damage the absorptive surface of the intestinal lining (intestinal villi). If it is left untreated it can lead to other diseases such as eczema, arthritis and irritable bowel/Crohn’s disease. Giardia can affect both cats and dogs.

Natural Treatment
GSEGrapefruit seed extract (GSE) is a very helpful all natural ingredient used for treating giardia and other parasites. It helps to boost the immune-system and is a natural anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and parasite preventative. GSE can also be diluted for use as a disinfectant spray or for hot spots. An alternative to GSE for killing giardia is oregano oil. Adding in probiotics, or healthy bacteria, is also beneficial, as these bacteria support the immune and digestive systems. Both oregano oil and GSE are potent, so talk to us about the appropriate dosage and administration methods!

This article is not meant to replace the advice of a qualified pet practitioner. If you suspect something is wrong with your pet, please seek the proper medical advice.

Kali Wags are crunchy, hand-made, all-natural treats made in BC. This extra healthy treat is made of certified organic extra lean beef, carrots, oats, pumpkin, certified organic beef liver, wheat germ, apples, whole eggs, flax seeds, oat bran, kale.

Kali Wags

Kali Wags has been working on the formula with Guelph Food Technology Centre to create the ideal dog snack. They contain no fillers, flour or artificial flavour or preservatives. These protein filled, vitamin and mineral treats are available in bite, trial or regular size.


*please check your local Tail Blazers for availability


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