Tail Blazers is Nine Year Old!

Tail Blazers, a locally owned and operated business, was started out of necessity to find healthy pet foods and treats for the owners pets, which at that point in time, was very difficult. Through much research and searching, a few healthy products were found and the first Tail Blazers was born. We are happy to have dedicated nine years to helping make petís healthier and happier!

What makes Tail Blazers different from other pet stores? Simply put, our unique focus differentiates us from other pet stores. Tail Blazers was created with the very specific focus of providing pet guardians with ONLY the cleanest and most wholesome pet foods on the market. We have never waivered from this focus. We take the process of choosing which products that we carry in our stores VERY seriously. We have your petís best interest at heart and carry foods only from companies that share this same passion, are full of integrity, and are incredibly reputable. Our goal is for you to know that you can trust us with this important decision in your petís life!

Question: Can a raw diet improve the health and longevity of my pet?

Answer:Yes! Wild ancestors of our now domestic dogs and cats ate a raw diet in the wild, and their body chemistry is designed to digest, assimilate and utilize all the nutrients of a raw diet. Because of this, they thrive on such a diet.

Similarly, look at human diets. It is well known that eating fast food and junk food (equivalent to the lack of pet appropriate nutrition in many commercial foods) will contribute to many diseases such as heart disease, therefore shortening lifespan. Our ancestors did not have this fast food to clog their arteries Ė our bodies were not designed to eat this type of food (just like dogs and cats did not have processed, by-product filled food)! In contrast, it is proven that a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fibre will reduce heart disease, increasing lifespan.

The same goes for petís - a natural, raw diet is the most health promoting, readily absorbed food for pets. Healthy food DOES equal a healthy pet!

Stop by and visit one of our locations for more information about whether a raw diet is a good choice for you and our pet. For more information about why a raw diet is so healthy, go to https://tailblazerspets.com/tailblazers_articles3.html

Grooming is an important part of pet care, but what are the benefits of grooming your dog?
Here are the top 10 reasons to groom!


1. Prevents painful and expensive matting

2. Reduces skin irritations

3. Gets your pet used to being handled

4. Makes hot summer months more tolerable

5. Groomed nails save furniture and hardwood

6. Helps reduce shedding and hairballs

7. Helps reduce allergic reactions in people

8. Early detection of lumps and bumps

9. Reduced likelihood of infestation of parasites and fungi

10. A groomed pet is a happy and comfortable pet!


Stay tuned next time for tips on how to find a good groomer!

(Source: www.tailblazersdogspa.com)

Sometimes cats need a bit of cleaning, depending on their lifestyle. However cats often dislike water, making Earthbath Grooming Foam for cats a very useful product!

Earthbath Grooming foam is safe for cats and kittens over 6 weeks old, is all natural, alcohol free, pH-balanced, and biodegradable. But the best part is Ė no water required! Just rub on and then rub off. Grooming foam helps to wipe away dander and dirt as well as conditions the skin and coat.


Prescription pain relievers are the chief medical treatment for joint conditions in pets but nearly all of them have side effects and do nothing to halt the advance of arthritis. Joint Rejuv liquid supplement supports healthy joint function, helps minimize joint pain, rebuilds cartilage and maintains structural integrity of joints. After a few weeks to a month on Joint Rejuv, your pet should display noticeable improvement in comfort, mobility and attitude.

Joint Rejuv combines the benefits of glucosamine with the properties of chondroitin and eight other synergistic ingredients - all of which work together to provide an optimum joint formulation. Glucosamine is made up of glucose and an amino acid called 'glutamine', which is produced in the body to help manufacture specialized molecules called 'glycosaminoglycans' (GAGs). GAGs are important for the development of bone, tendons, ligaments, nails, hair, skin and cartilage. Glucosamine is highly beneficial in protecting against degeneration of the joints and giving relief from the pain associated with arthritis. Chondroitin is a natural compound found in joints. In degenerative diseases such as arthritis its presence diminishes as cartilage erodes. It is thought to block the enzymes that can destroy cartilage tissue as well as promote water retention in the cartilage found in joints, making it more elastic.

Joint Rejuv contains bromelain and yucca. Bromelain is an enzyme that helps to inhibit pro-inflammatory compounds, reducing pain and swelling. The properties of yucca, that help in arthritis, are due to the plant's content of steroid-like saponins, which are precursors to nature's cortisone. Joint Rejuv also contains the minerals manganese, copper, zinc, selenium and bioflavonoids, which assist in rehabilitating damaged joints and reduce inflammation.

Note: Not recommended for pregnant and lactating females, pets with allergies to shellfish or diabetic pets.

(Source: Printed with permission from www.carnivora.ca)

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