I have had the joy and responsibility of being a human guardian to six cats and five dogs over the years. We currently enjoy the companionship of a handsome black pug “Norton Charles” who also goes as “Snortin Norton”, and one grouchy but lovely rescue cat “Hanna Marie”. They enhance our lives daily and we firmly believe that healthy pet is a happy pet and happy guardian. Being the new current owners of Tail Blazers Red Deer I bring an enthusiasm and dedication to this new endevour and look forward to learning from and educating others as to what a healthy diet can do for our pets. “Pets add years to our lives, now it’s time we add some to theirs”.

Tail Blazers is a health store for pets where pet guardians can find only wholesome, healthy food and treats and more for your pets. Tail Blazers strives to be the best and a great leader in the healthy change for pets, Tail Blazers Red Deer follows all strict guidelines and only carries what is set out as wholesome and guarenteed safe. Tail Blazers Red Deer is proud to be apart of the community and always looks forward to meeting new friends, so if you are unsure about what a healthy diet can provide for your pet please come in and talk with us, we are more than happy to help.