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NOTE! Not all Tail Blazers carry the same products, please contact your local Tail Blazers for availability. Some stores may carry brands that are not listed below. What IS the same at all locations? The healthiest selection you can find!

Dr Martys
Dr Martys

Our premium dog and cat food formulas are gently freeze-dried to help protect the nutrients your pet needs to thrive — and the delicious flavor and texture they love.

Grandma Lucy
Grandma Lucy’s

It takes high quality ingredients to produce high quality pet food products which is why Grandma Lucy’s insists on personal contact with our local suppliers and growers. All incoming meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. are required to meet strict Grandma Lucy’s specifications.

Honest Kitchen
Honest Kitchen

Dehydrated, human-grade all natural whole foods for dogs and cats. Their recipes are made with love, in a human food facility (not in a pet food plant) for the highest possible quality standards. Dehydration is a gentle technique that removes only the moisture and retains most natural nutrients found in fresh, raw, whole food ingredients. Simply rehydrate the foods with warm water.

K9 Naturals
K9 Natural

New Zealand-made dog food which combines the natural goodness of fresh whole foods with an absolute commitment to the true nutritional needs of canines. It is a grain free, hormone growth promotent free, free range dog food that contains only quality ingredients and absolutely no additives.

Natures Variety
Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety is passionate about providing pure, authentic nutrition for your dog and cat. Their full line of foods includes raw, dry, limited ingredient dry, freeze dried and canned diets in a large variety of protein sources.

NRG Pet Products
New Zealand Natural Pet Food - Woof

We have created a premium range of pet food, supplements, and treats using only the highest quality ingredients aimed at giving your animal what they need to thrive. Made in New Zealand.

Open Farm
Open Farm Canadian Company

Open Farm is a family-run business where they know that the best ingredients are grown and raised by Canadian farmers who respect the land they call home and the animals under their care. They have a bag recycling program and work to reduce their carbon footprint.

Orijen Canadian Company

Prepared from Canada’s very best and freshest ingredients in their very own freeze-dry kitchens, Orijen freeze-dried is guaranteed to keep your dog happy, healthy and strong. Diets include Adult (chicken, turkey), Regional Red (bison, wild boar, beef, pork) and Tundra (elk, bison, trout, quail and duck).

Primal Pet Foods
Primal Pet Foods

Primal Pet Foods takes great pride and honor in the manufacturing processes of all products. Their commitment is to provide the highest quality raw pet foods and treats using only human-grade ingredients of superior quality and origin and they have secured strong, long-term relationships with all vendors.

Stella and Chewys
Stella & Chewy’s

Their commitment to quality starts with ingredients. Every Stella & Chewy’s product is made with raw, naturally raised meat, poultry or fish, sourced from USDA-inspected facilities, without added hormones or antibiotics.