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Note: Not all Tail Blazers carry the same products, please contact your local Tail Blazers for availability. Some stores may carry brands that are not listed below and due to the wide range of beneficial, natural supplements available for a large range of health conditions, we are unable to list all of them below. Please contact your Tail Blazers location if you are looking for a specific item.

Adored Beast

High-quality natural and homeopathic products and protocols that will help you to properly support your animal’s health care needs. Supplements focus on digestive and gut issues.

Baie Run
Baie Run Canadian Company

Baie Run holistic supplements and natural pet care products help support a healthy pet lifestyle. Our industry leading omega-3 oils for dogs and cats are third-party verified for purity and potency.

Big Country Raw
Big Country Raw Canadian Company

We use only locally sourced suppliers and all of our products are federally inspected human grade, hormone and antibiotic free. We prepare and package this food ourselves in small batches to ensure the freshest raw available!

Carnivora Canadian Company

Carnivora makes both high quality raw foods as well as natural supplements for everyday health support.

Cannabiscuit Canadian Company

Combining over 55 years of experience in veterinary medicine and pet treat innovation to deliver a range of high-quality hemp-based nutraceuticals and treats.

Grizzly Pet Products
Earth MD Canadian Company

Earth M.D. was founded on a desire to provide pet owners with safe and effective alternative remedies with no harmful side effects. We do this by using colloidal metals and plants.

Grizzly Pet Products

Grizzly specializes in fish oil supplements and joint supplements made from human grade products.


Homeopet products are homeopathic formulas specically for pet issues. Anxiety, stress and fear as well as skin, digesitve and urinary problems are just some of the issues Homeopet products cover.

Missing Link
Missing Link

Missing Link supplements provide daily supplemental nutrition in a whole food form. This supplement is packed full of health providing nutrients, all in an easy to assimilate form.

Myco-Biome MushroomsCanadian Company

High quality mushroom products from Adored Beast.

Naturpet Canadian Company

A well formulated, complete line of herbal products for pets. Natures Formulae, the manufacturers of Naturpet are a progressive Canadian developer and manufacturer of herbal health products with over 30 years of experience.

Natural Paw
Natural Paw Canadian Company

NaturalPaw is proud to introduce quality Digestive Enzymes blends. Made In Canada!

Omega Alpha
Omega Alpha Canadian Company

Omega Alpha products are all liquid for maximum absorption of active ingredients. These herbal based formulas include supplements in the categories of daily nutritional support, natural detoxification and performance and mobility.

PuricaCanadian Company

Recovery is a line of products for joint and mobility and the immune system. Purica makes effectiveness and safety the primary concerns. Recovery is a natural, food-based, non-drug medicine and has an ingredient profile taken from food.

Pet Wellbeing

Pet Wellbeing was founded in 2001 with the goal to provide pet owners with options and good information. When faced with decisions about the best health strategies for our beloved pets, we all want what is best for our furry companions.

Holistic Blend
Raw SupportCanadian Company

Raw Support makes an extensive line of all natural herbal supplements for pets.

Riva's Remedies
Riva’s Remedies Canadian Company

Riva’s offers a complete selection of natural pet remedies for anxiety, skin allergies, sore joints and MORE! Every formula is based on 25 years of knowledge, experience and thousands of success cases.

TRI-ACTA Canadian Company

Integricare manufactures TRI-ACTA supplements for joint health and mobility. Industry leaders in quality, efficacy and therapeutic value – these products are human grade, manufactured in Canada, Health Canada approved and contain no filler!

Vet's Best
Vet’s Best

All natural solutions for topical problems, ear and dental, flea and ticks, bites as well as shampoos and general health supplements.

Welly Tails Canadian Company

Our products are backed by science, crafted with a love for pets, and formulated to help your pet THRIVE!

Wholistic Pet Organics
Wholistic Pet Organics

Our family has been involved in the dog and horse show world for decades. That’s why we know that your animals are more than just pets—they’re members of your family.