Tail Blazers has been helping improve the health of pets by supplying the best, natural foods available since 2000, long before it was the “in” thing to do!

Join the leaders is pet nutrition

Tail Blazers’ unwavering commitment since opening has been to supply quality, healthy, all-natural food for dogs and cats. We are a progressive company with a pledge to quality and education, and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of health for pets, responsible pet ownership, community involvement and environmental stewardship. Some of the benefits of being part of Tail Blazers are: franchise marketing, a comprehensive and educational website, vendor discounts, electronic inventory, lowest franchise royalty fees in the industry and our inclusive support system. We want to help you get established in your new location, so there are no franchise royalty fees for the first 6 months you are open.

Additionally, Tail Blazers has some of the largest and best displayed freezers for raw food and the knowledge to support it. We also lead the industry with the active use of online marketing, social media and other unique tools such as our mobile app help to spread the word to customers about pet health and food. Success has come from Tail Blazers’ passion and experience for health and pets, business expertise, extensive product research, knowledge and hands on skills acquired while working with pets on a daily basis. We want to help you have that same success.

The natural pet industry has seen substantial growth, despite the economic state. According to Pet Food Industry.com, natural pet food sales grew by a compound annual growth rate of 12.1 percent between 2012 and 2016. This trend is similar in Canada and expected to continue. Why the natural pet food industryIn Canada, approximately 57% of households have a pet - that is about 5.9 million dogs and 7.9 million cats to feed, with an upward trend for healthy foods! In addition, healthy and natural food/treats = healthy pets.

Healthy pets are happy pets and it is satisfying to have the opportunity to improve the lives of, and ultimately add years to the lives of companion pets.

During 2020 Covid-19 business shutdowns, pet food stores were considered an essential service. The pet food industry is resilient and viable.

Pets will only find healthy and natural food and treats at Tail Blazers. Healthy food for pets does NOT mean it contains unusual ingredients, tastes "bad" or is a big pile of "weird" greens in a salad, images often associated with health food stores for humans. What is a health food store for pets Healthy pet food DOES mean that it is the food closest to what the ancestors of domestic dogs and cats ate, otherwise known as species appropriate foods. Species appropriate foods are health-promoting foods, reducing disease, improving energy, increasing dental health and enriching the skin and coat. In addition to species appropriate ingredients, high quality, human grade ingredients are also part of the health food philosophy Tail Blazers employs. Natural supplements for side-effect free treatment of ailments, improved digestion, joint support and much more also help pets have improved health and quality of living.

Every food, treat and supplement sold in Tail Blazers goes through a rigorous quality screening analysis prior to it going on the shelf. We are committed to ensuring pets get the healthiest choices available on the market. Products are analyzed for biologically appropriate ingredients Tail Blazers commitment to quality(eg: NO foods with corn, soy or artificial colours), nutrient profiles, manufacturing processes (such as quality control, temperature of processing, bacteria/mold testing, ingredient handling), ingredient sources (human grade ingredients from reliable farms and companies), company integrity and environmental stewardship and overall formula of the product. We are not afraid to pull products off the shelf that no longer comply with our quality standards and we do not have double standards (promote health, but carry unhealthy products)! Pet guardians can rest assured they are only getting quality, natural and healthy products at Tail Blazers, all the time. This commitment to quality helps solidify a long standing relationship of trust with pet parents.

One of the core values of Tail Blazers is education. By doing extensive product and business operations training to franchisees, our goal is to make your store successful by passing on our years of experience and research. You in turn can pass on your knowledge to customers so they can feel We are here to helpinformed and educated about their purchases, building relationships and loyalty.

Training is done in-store and includes inventory management, day-to-day operations, point-of-sale system, product selection best suited for your store demographics, complete nutrition and product training and of course answer all the questions you may have.

Extensive training manuals that include detailed product information, computer systems and customer support are supplied. Whether your experience with pets and retail is minimal or extensive, we will make sure you are prepared and confident for your new business in the pet industry. We are committed to helping you grow and flourish in your business. Beyond the initial training, our experienced team is happy to assist with day-to-day questions that may arise, troubleshooting, customer retention and marketing strategies. The franchise support team will ensure your franchise experience is personable - you can contact franchise staff at anytime and expect a personal response with questions addressed in relation to your particular situation and location. We are here to facilitate a profitable Tail Blazers business for you!

Tail Blazers franchise owners are just like you! They have a passion for the well being of animals and the drive and determination to improve the quality of life of our pets. They are people who get to earn a living doing what they love! Franchise owners find it incredibly rewarding to see the dramatic changes and transformations in so many pets on a daily basis as a result of the products and suggestions they make to their customers!

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