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A Natural Diet for Our Dogs and Cats?

Why does the quality of food make a difference in our pet’s health? Simply put, food is body fuel, and life does not exist without it. The strength of our pet’s immune system, its resistance to disease, and its quality of life all depend read more


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Yes! Wild ancestors of our now domestic dogs and cats ate a raw diet in the wild, and their body chemistry is designed to digest, assimilate and utilize all the nutrients of a raw diet. Because of this, they thrive on such a diet. Similarly, look at human diets. It is well known that eating fast food and junk food (equivalent to the lack of pet appropriate nutrition in many commercial foods) will contribute to many diseases such as heart disease, therefore shortening lifespan. Our ancestors did not have this fast food to clog their arteries – our bodies were not designed to eat this type of food (just like dogs and cats did not have processed, by-product filled food)! In contrast, it is proven that a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fibre will reduce heart disease, increasing lifespan.

The same goes for pet’s - a natural, raw diet is the most health promoting, readily absorbed food for pets. Healthy food DOES equal a healthy pet!

Stop by and visit one of our locations for more information about whether a raw diet is a good choice for you and our pet.

Actually, feeding raw does not take a lot of work and it is very easy! First of all, food for up to four days can be defrosted at the same time (stored in the fridge), so you don’t have to take food out of the freezer every day. Many products we carry do not need any mixing, it’s just thaw and serve the appropriate amount!

Yes, this is true! Because raw food is so easily digested, there is a lot less waste, therefore less stool. The stool is more compact, is odourless, and will disintegrate very quickly. Colour will vary, depending on the kind of meat consumed. Additionally, stools are harder which helps keep the anal glands properly cleaned.

Feeding a proper raw diet is not just raw meat. Raw diets for dogs and cats are made up of meat, bone, organ meats, vegetables, and supplements. All of these elements are needed in proper proportions to ensure your pet maintains their health. Additionally, most raw diets that Tail Blazers has are made from hormone and anti-biotic free meats, a bonus that is not found with standard grocery store meat.

Yes. The important thing is to not feed them both it in the same meal. Kibble can take up to 16 hours to digest, where raw is about 3 to 4 hours, so mixing them is not suggested. So if you choose to feed both, feed raw in the morning and kibble in the evening, for example. This goes for both dogs and cats.

Feeding Tips & Benefits of Raw

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Raw Feeding Chart

Raw food feeding chart to help you calculate how much raw food your dog or cat should be consuming on a daily basis. view

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Guide to Feeding Raw Diet

Are you thinking about switching your pet to a raw diet? We feel that a “raw” or “biologically appropriate raw read more

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