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1. How much time will I have to commit to Tail Blazers?

2. Can I get an exclusive territory?

3. Can I open more than one store?

4. Will I have to relocate?

5. Will Tail Blazers help me with site selection?

6. How long will it take to open my Tail Blazers retail outlet?

7. What is the term of a Tail Blazers franchise, and is it renewable?

8. Can a Tail Blazers franchise be sold?

9. What is the total investment required to become a Tail Blazers franchise owner?

10. What are the initial fees, royalties and advertising fund contributions?

11. What is the next step in learning more about the Tail Blazers franchise program?

*Total investment based on fees, costs, as of Aug 2017; subject to change without notice.


Tail Blazers franchise owners are just like you! They have a passion for the well being of animals and the drive and determination to improve the quality of life of our pets. They are people who get to earn a living doing what they love!

Franchise owners find it incredibly rewarding to see the dramatic changes and transformations in so many pets on a daily basis as a result of the products and suggestions they make to their customers!


Becoming a Tail Blazers owner was the best decision I’ve ever made!! I started learning about holistic health and nutrition about 5 years ago, and when I decided I wanted to own my own store I needed to find one with the same beliefs and principles that I had!

Tail Blazers has extremely high standards, and strict approval processes for which foods, treats, and all other products are allowed to be carried. This provides read more....

Tail Blazers has been featured in:
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Concerns about the safety of raw food?
Tail Blazers aims to educate franchisees and pet parents about their food choices!

View podcast with Dr Marty Goldstein discussing the safety of raw and the health benefits he has seen using raw in his practice.