1. Step One: Getting To Know Each Other

  2. Fill out our short request a franchise package form. It does not obligate you in any way, just a starting point! Once your request is received, we will then send you a Tail Blazers franchise package.

  3. Step Two: Initial Contact

  4. Once you have had time to review the package, we will then contact you to find out if you have any questions or concerns and discuss the possiblity of working together.

  5. Step Three: Full Application

  6. After our discussions and your review of the franchise package, we would be more than happy to accept your full application for a franchise (located at the back of the franchise package, again this does not obligate you in any way). Send to:

    Tail Blazers Franchise
    Attn: Brent Hauberg
    Lot 30, 5649 Cosens Bay Road
    Vernon, BC V1B 1N8

    If two or more partners are involved in the application process, all applicants must submit a separate application. Our evaluation procedure, including a detailed credit check, is conducted in confidence.

    * Financial requirements will vary depending on market and real estate deal types, as well as any other factors that would affect the financial strength necessary to meet the development objective(s).

  7. Step Four: Development Discussions

  8. The next step in the qualification process is your first face-to-face meeting with Tail Blazers Executives! If a Tail Blazers franchise is the right business decision for both parties you may then be asked to produce a business plan which will be the foundation for Tail Blazers consideration in potentially granting a Franchise Agreement.

  9. Step Five: Issuance of a Franchise Agreement (or Development Agreement)

  10. If you satisfy all the initial requirements a Franchise Agreement will be offered for your execution. You will execute that and provide the franchise fee in full. You will have then completed your first steps towards opening your franchise. The Franchise Agreement grants you the right to develop a Tail Blazers location using Tail Blazers trademarks and service marks. However, most important, it gives you access to the experience and expertise of one of the most unique success stories in Alberta.

  11. Step Six: Orientation & Training

  12. Once approved, you and one member of your team will undergo an orientation and training program to acquaint you with the Tail Blazers operation.

    Tail Blazers does not ensure or guarantee the success of your Tail Blazers franchised business. No employee or representative of Tail Blazers is authorized to make any representations or guarantees as to your success. Your success depends on your personal ability and commitment as a businessperson.