Sheila Fee - Owner

Sheila has had a lifelong passion for animals, growing up in Montreal with 3 cats and 2 dogs. In the 1970's she taught riding and competed in eventing. The 80's were spent raising 3 children but by the 90's she was looking, once more, for an outlet for her love of animals. Along came Wilkie, her first Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Sheila now has 7 Duck Tollers, from senior citizens to youngsters. She has titled them in conformation, obedience, hunt test and agility.

For many years Sheila has been attending seminars dealing with canine nutrition, reproduction, structure, genetics, alternative health, and various dog sports. Since 1995 she has raised 12 litters and the quest to breed the healthiest tollers possible led her to a holistic approach. While working as a dog groomer, Sheila noticed the poor condition of many of her doggie clients. For 5 years now Sheila has been helping customers keep their pets healthy as possible and looks forward to helping you with your pet(s)!

Monique Arsenault - Owner

From the time I knew what the four legged creatures were around us, I fell in love with them. From my very first kitty, Nip, to my current 4 legged companion, Emily, to many cats, dogs and horses in-between (and a 30 year old mare that I still have).

After doing a semester at St. Claire College in Windsor, Ontario, I decided it wasn't my calling and came to Calgary and found employment at a vet clinic for four years and then at a boarding facility for an additional four. While briefly living in the Yukon, I volunteered for the local Humane Society and was the emergency on call person, as the closest vet was four hours away. Upon moving back to the Calgary area, I started learning about a more natural way of healing animals with herbs, energy work and nutrition. When my 18 year old cat became ill, I started exploring alternatives to medication and conventional treatments. And after switching Willie to a raw food diet, I saw dramatic improvement in skin, coat, eyes, hydration, attitude and it extended his life to over 22 years!

This all led me to Tail Blazers, where I have worked since 2001, eventually partnering up to own a store. I am always continuing to explore different modalities to help our companion animals who do so much for us and, over the years, have become a level 4 Healing Touch for Animals practitioner. Additionally, I am a Reiki master, have studied tuning forks and W4 Equine Therapy as well as I continue to take riding lessons to learn the philosophy of human/equine interactions.

I find that allowing dogs to be dogs, cats to be cats and horses to be horses, and treating and feeding them as such, makes for a much healthier and happier animal!