I was born in Russia, in the small town of Urupinsk. We had a large family (5 siblings) and a lot of pets, always at least 3 dogs and 2-3 cats. Most of the dogs were German Shepards - I think that’s why they are my favorite breed of dogs! After high school I left home to study at Pedagogic University of Volgograd. I got a degree in teaching Russian Language and Literature in middle and high school. I taught for only 3 years, and then came to Canada in July 1995. A year later Dennis and I got married and our son was born in 1998. We live in Mission, a small but beautiful town, which is a 15 minute drive from Abbotsford. We have 2 tuxedo cats. Mittens is 4 years old and JJ is 2 years old. They are part of our family. We love them very much, and want them to be healthy and live long lives. We decided to become a part of Tail Blazers family, where you can find only healthy foods and treats for our furry friends. We believe that pets deserve to eat healthy just like people do. It make us feel good to know that they eat only biologically appropriate foods and enjoy it so much. After all, they bring us so much JOY!!!

by Olga