Tail Blazers Red Deer is a locally owned and operated franchise location purchased by local pet owners Shivonne & Jared in January 2020. Having a large fur family and a need for healthy alternatives were what initially drew them to Tail Blazers. The friendly, knowledgeable staff turned them into long term customers by educating them on the benefits of raw food which has enhanced and extended their dogs’ quality of lives. When the opportunity to purchase Tail Blazers Red Deer arose Shivonne & Jared saw this as a way to share their passion, be able to help other pet owners make informed, healthy choices and as a way to support local animal rescues on a larger scale. Together they have 5 dogs who keep them on their toes; Bailey, Bentley and Birkley, Ryker and Stevie.

Shivonne was born and raised in Innisfail, Alberta, moving to Red Deer in 2005. Shivonne has always had a soft spot for animals and has grown up with dogs her whole life. You can find Shivonne driving around with Stevie doing jobsite safety inspections or camping in the mountains with her pack.

Jared was born and raised in southern Manitoba moving to the Red Deer area with his family in 2005. Jared also grew up with dogs his entire life. You can find Jared walking the dogs down a beautiful tree lined trail or swimming with them in the lake.